Harmar AL100 Universal Vehicle Lift


Specifications for the AL100 Universal Platform Scooter Lift

Hitch Height: 5″ to 18″
Lift Operation: Power
Power Source: Hardwired
Works With Hitch Size: Class II Hitch
Class III Hitch
Class V Hitch
Professional Install Available: In State of SC (Additional Service Fee)
Service Contract Available: No
Operation: Power
Lifting Capacity: 350 lbs.
Recommended For: Travel Scooters
Full Sized Scooters
Platform Size – Length: 39-47 in.
Platform Size – Width: 27.5 in.
Installed Product Weight: 83 lbs.
Type of Lift: Outside Lift
Warranty: Yes
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Overview of the AL100 Universal Platform Scooter Lift

The Harmar AL100 Universal Vehicle Lift specifically fits along with mobility scooters. Harmar’s AL100 has been one of our most popular scooter lifts due to its functionality, quality features, and durability.  The AL100 is also popular due its ability to be compatible with a very wide range of vehicles as well as styles and sizes of scooters.  The AL100 Universal Platform Scooter Lift will work with both Class II and Class III hitches. The Class III hitch is standard for the AL100 and the Class II option will require an additional cost upgraded hitch adapter.  A hold-down arm secures your scooter to the AL100 lift.  The AL100 has a 350 lbs. weight capacity and can accommodate a wheel base up to

What Makes This Different

The wide range of adaptability to many sizes and styles of power scooters is what sets the AL100 apart.  The AL100 Universal Vehicle Lift can accommodate scooters from the size of a travel scooters, to full size scooters, and all the way up to smaller heavy-duty models.  The flat, full size deck allows the AL100 to work with 3-wheel and 4-wheel models.  Operation is very easy with a one-switch operation.  An automatic hold down arm makes securement easy – no straps that can easily become a hassle.  Simply activate the one switch operation once the scooter is driven and parked onto the platform and the automatic securement arm will do the rest.

Why We Like It

The AL100 is highly adaptable and firmly secures your scooter for easy transport.  The large aluminum deck folds up against the back of your vehicle when not in use making it easy to get your vehicle in your garage. Featuring the Swing-Away option provides easy access to the trunk or lift gate of any vehicle that can support a Class III hitch.  The swing away option will add just 2” of length behind the lift is folded up.  No scooter modifications are required to transport your scooter on the AL100. A manual crank backup is included in case of a power failure.  The AL100 will accommodate small travel scooters all the way up to full size scooters with wheelbases as long as 42”.

Please be aware many states require you to display your license plate on the outside of your lift. It may be required in the following states: CA, AZ, NV, CO, UT, ND, SD, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, HI, AK, FL, TX, & AL. It might be required in other states as well and it’s your responsibility to understand your state’s regulations. If you are required to display your license plate then try adding the AL 901 to your order. This is available under the customizable options.

Why Harmar?

Harmar Mobility Wheelchair & Scooter Vehicle Lifts is the industry leading manufacturer of scooter, power chair and wheelchair lifts. Harmar’s product line includes Inside, Outside and Hybrid lifts that are designed to meet your needs and the specific car, truck or van you drive. Independent Again is a certified vendor of Harmar products.

Want to make sure your vehicle is compatible? Use the Harmar Vehicle Calculator to find the perfect scooter or power wheelchair lift for your needs.


If you’d like to request the sell sheet or installation manual please email [email protected] for specific product information. Be sure to include the manufacturer and model number if provided.

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Additional information

Weight 155 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 41 × 13 in
Power Supply

Hardwire Kit- Standard, Battery Pack +$300.00

Swing Away Option

None, Swing Away Option (400 lb. Capacity) (AL105) +$475.00, Light Weight Swing Away Option (350 lb. Capacity) (Al105L) +$500.00

Hitch Adapter Type

Class III: Standard Adapter (AL123), Class III: Standard 5" Drop (AL1235U) +$219, Class III: Standard 6" Drop (AL1236) +$189, Class III: Standard 8" Drop (AL1238) +$189, Class III: Short 2" Drop (AL1242) +$189, Class III: Short 5" Drop (AL1245) +$189, Class III: Short 6" Drop (AL1246) +$189, Class III: Extra Long 2" Drop (AL1252) +$189

Hitch Post

Hitch Post (AL107) Included

License Plate Riser

None, License Plate Riser (AL901) Required in Some States