Golden Tech Buzzaround XL 3-Wheel



  • Extended range battery option available!
  • Easy access tiller charging port
  • 3″ ground clearance
  • Bright LED headlight

Key Specs

  • Top Speed: 4.00 mph
  • Drive Range: 14.00 miles
  • Drive Range: 8.00 miles
  • Heaviest Piece: 35 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 100 lbs.


Overview of the Buzzaround XL 3-Wheel

The Buzzaround XL 3-Wheel Scooter offers the easy transportability of smaller travel scooters yet incorporates a longer foot platform for greater riding comfort. The overall length is 42.5 inches, and yet this model turns in a tight 37” radius, giving it superior maneuverability indoors. Also, the Buzzaround XL disassembles easily, and there are no wire connections to be made. This means it’s a breeze to take apart and reassemble when you get to your destination! Taken apart, the heaviest piece weighs just 35 lbs. The standard 12 AH batteries will travel up to 8 miles on a charge. Or choose the 22 AH battery option and travel up to 14 miles on a single charge! This model also has an improved weight capacity of 325 lbs!

What makes this Different

Two features set the Buzzaround XL apart from other scooters in its class. First, the quality and comfort of the standard 18” X 16” stadium style seat is obvious from the start. If you like a little more room in the seat, you can upgrade to a generous 20” X 18” seat for even greater comfort. Second is the 3” longer frame, and the way the foot platform is designed with extensions on each side of the tiller for even more room to stretch out your legs.

Why We Like It 

We like the Delta tiller because they are easy to grip and steer- even with one hand. The operator will be happy knowing it lessens driver fatigue over the day. The simple, lightweight transport is a great feature too! You can take your Buzzaround XL along wherever you go.


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Additional information

Weight 101 lbs
Dimensions 42.5 × 21.5 in


Seat Size

Black Vinyl 18"W x 16"D, Standard, Black Vinyl 20"W x 18"D (+$150)

Additional Color Options

None, Pink Shroud Kit (+$39), Silver Shroud Kit (+$39), Yellow Shroud Kit (+$39)


12 AH batteries (8 mile range), 22AH batteries (14 mile range and 325lb weight capacity) +$103

Weight Capacity

300 lbs.

Maximum Speed

Up to 4 mph

Range Per Charge

8 miles

Turning Radius


Weight Without Batteries

82 lbs.

Battery Weight

19 lbs.

Weight of Heaviest Piece

35 lbs.






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